Project Research

Project Research

Tefirom, having its priority in energy production on quality and efficiency, conducts researches in this context for new projects.

By following new production fields and new production techniques the technology brings closely, quality energy production studies are carried out. Tefirom Corp., collaborating with other players that are active in the sector, puts different perspectives to good use and works to produce solutions appropriate to the sector.


Wind Energy


Operational researches are conducted for new projects in the light of materialized projects’ experience in order to use energy to be obtained from wind. New RES fields with high wind potential are searched and new techniques used to augment efficiency in the plants are analyzed. Researches are performed for plant projects to enable the highest quality energy production as the turbine manufacturers remain in touch constantly with the institutions operating in the matter in the world and other RES project corporations. Software that was used prevalently about the analysis of wind energy potential analysis was obtained and training and certification studies were conducted.


gunes-enerjisiSolar Energy
Tefirom focused on its researches on especially CSP and PV technologies. As parallel to the formation of the required infrastructure, initiatives have been started to develop projects primarily overseas. Tefirom Corp. continues to scrutinize application-oriented opportunities on the matter of solar energy plants in the Middle Eastern countries where it is operating actively today

jeotermalGeothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the cleanest, reliable and high efficiency (95% efficiency) energy resource of the world. Tefirom investigates the fields where this energy source is situated by collaborating with specialist persons and firms. Studies are conducted to generate new projects with the information obtained about the current plants and developing technology in the matter of production techniques.

Hybrid Systems
Researches are conducted on the uninterrupted, reliable and quality energy production provision by using different energy sources together. Analyses and optimization studies are carried out on the harmony of different energy resources with each other for hybrid systems to obtain high efficiency. Currently, detailed studies were conducted and projects were prepared related to wind-diesel generator hybrid system for a pilot project in Oman. Completion of the relevant agreements is being waited to start studies directed to application.

Energy Storage
The most significant issue, to clear the way for renewable energy sector and make the various applications fully efficient and effective, is energy storage. Solutions to be able to be implemented in renewable power plants are being searched. Developing technology about the storage systems are followed up and new solutions are searched to be revealed on this matter. Studies are conducted especially about the integration of inertia storage (Fly-Wheel) technology with renewable energy systems.

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