Our HR Policy

The purpose of Human Resources Policy is to establish parallel, dynamic human resources strategies between the headquarters and construction sites, and to add value to Tefirom and its employees. Establishment of fundamental strategies of Human Resources Policy is our goal by acting with the “Cherish Humans” thought in each step, by contributing to the developments of our employees and being aware that the greatest added value for our entity will be materialized by “humans”.

Our workers’ profile is human resources that is open to change and development, success- oriented, harmonized to team works, and using its resources and time correctly.

Tefirom Human Resources Principles

The following systems are implemented by the Human Resources Unit in order to materialize human resources strategies:

  • Selection of employees by correct matching among the candidates who could add value to corporation culture, vision and mission; placement of them to positions and projects appropriate for their education, experience, knowledge and skills,
  • Implementation of competency based interview techniques and on-line interview methods,
  • Implementation of Reference Control process effectively,
  • Providing feedback whether favorable or unfavorable to all candidates interviewed in the scope of Cherish Humans policy,
  • Enabling the passage of ORIENTATION process efficiently for each worker included in Tefirom by following methods affirming and intensifying the adaptation process,
  • Organizing internal and external trainings for employees for their personal and professional developments,
  • Reviewing the systems and enabling their sustainability based on the current conditions and requirements by following up Dynamic Human Resources systems,
  • Enabling effective use and updating of HR Data system generated for correct transfer and storage of information resource,
  • Formation of fringe benefits for employees according to the characteristic of the job they do.

Human Resources Management Main Target:

Improving success of our employees and institution by integrating Human Resources processes to our institution is crucial for progressing in the sector with firm steps. Establishing a strong team spirit for sustainable success is our primary target at this point.



Employment in our corporation is based on the target and principle of placement of the most proper candidates who have technical and personal competency overlapping with Tefirom culture and targets in the appropriate positions.

You can send your detailed curriculum vitae for application to the address ik@tefirom.com.tr .

Your curriculum vitae will be kept by the Human Resources Management based on the confidentiality principles and when an appropriate position opens according to your qualifications, you will be contacted as soon as possible.


We would like to thank the interest you have shown in our corporation, and wish you success.

Human Resources Management