Tefirom Group, having infrastructure services of crucial points among its references, has proven its superiority in the infrastructure projects as well, and has carried out approximately 750 km infrastructure projects and has been continuing its activities in this field with superior technological opportunities.

Infrastructure Projects

  • Roads, Highways and Railroads
    •Metro and Light Rail Systems
    •Bridges, Viaducts and Tunnels
    •Ports, Marinas, Piers and Fishermen Shelters
    •Canalization, Rain Water Drainage and Water Supply Networks
    •Dams, Ponds, Irrigation Networks
    •Treatment Facilities

Building and Housing Projects

  • Business, Office and Shopping Center Constructions
    •School, Laboratory and Hospital Constructions
    •Hotel and Holiday Village Constructions
    •Administrative and Management Buildings
    •Housing Complexes and Villa Constructions

Industrial Facility Projects

  • Energy/Power Plants
    •Petrol and Natural Gas Pipelines and Pumping Stations
    •Refinery and Petro-Chemistry Complexes
    •Gas, Steam Turbines and Steam Boilers Installation
    •Piping Works at Industrial Facilities
    •Liquid Chemicals and Petrol Products Storage Tanks
    •Cement, Fertilizer and Food Factories