HSE and Our Environment Policy

Tefirom Group is a construction and energy company operating in the country and abroad and is a leader in the sector.

Tefirom Group is aware that matters related to quality, job safety, worker health and environment has first degree significance for the success of the project activities it carries.

Our worker health, job safety and environment policy is to provide a safe environment for our own employees, subcontractors and visitors by taking preventive precautions in all of our projects and removing the possible dangers.

In order to reach our targets;

  • To minimize the unfavorable effects of our activities on humans and environment,
  • To use our natural and energy resources the most efficient and economical way,
  • Preserving the environment as it is and fulfilling the requirement for protecting and improving it,
  • Always determining ahead of time the dangers that could occur for environment and human health, and taking the required measures swiftly,
  • Making all of our personnel and our customers and suppliers conscious about the protection of health and environment, and enabling giving the relevant education when found necessary,
  • To make constant improvements to prevent repeat of accidents and events that occurred,
  • To comply with the legal legislation in the country and the conditions of the institutions that we are a member of about the environment and job safety,
  • To enable our policy reachable for the concerned parties constantly,
  • To show any type of devotion to raise a conscious work force against job accidents.

Worker health and job safety is handled primarily in all stages of the project starting from the engineering studies and in construction and assembly activities and demobilization.

The entire personnel of Tefirom Group are responsible for the protection of human and environmental health.

The administrator at the construction sites, facilities and company headquarters are responsible for adapting and implementing this policy by all employees.