Affiliates and Strategic Partnerships

Mardin Pipe Industry and Trade Corp.

Mardin Pipe Industry and Trade Corporation started its activities by fiber cement pipe production in 1982. It strengthened its product range by PVC and PE pipe production in 1998 with developing market needs. Mardin Pipe is a partnership with Zafer Contract Construction Trade Corp. (Zafer Group), one of the leading contract groups of Turkey, and Tefirom Construction Energy Trade Corp. (Tefirom Group).
Mardin Pipe is progressing to become an important manufacturer in the region with new targets, new markets and new products. Mardin Pipe, keeping the quality concept in the front in its products and services, has undertaken solution partnership mission of social progress with the target of being the meeting point of experience and dynamism. Experience coming from the past and dynamism in Mardin, a city where languages and religions met, has been adapted as a slogan in the new term of Mardin Pipe.


Bakras Wind Plant, situated in HATAY City, Belen County, ŞENBUK Village and neighboring Antakya Organized Industry Region, received a license with 15 MW established power from EPDK in 2008 as a result of a license application in 2002 in the light of wind measurements and analyses made since 2000.
Following the receipt of the license, construction term started for building the plant in OCTOBER 2009; and the construction of our plant, consisting of 5 Vestas brand V-90 Model turbine of 3 MW power and a control building, was completed in 6 months and opened for operation in APRIL 2010. Average annual wind speed in the region is 7.7 m/s. Dominant wind direction is at the North-West direction. The plant works in full capacity especially in summer months since the wind is much more efficient in terms of position.
The plant works in full capacity during the terms when energy requirement throughout Turkey rises and this provides an advantage to the plant. Bakras Wind Plant is integrated to the national electric network by means of underground cables from the substation 4.5km away from itself and belonging to TEIAS and named Antakya 2 TM.
Additional capacity request was made for our wind plant in 2013 and with the additional capacity approval of TEIAS, our license power was changed as 38,1 MWm/28,94 MW by EPDK.
In this scope, a turbine, again VESTAS brand V-112 model and in 7 units of 3,3 MW power was added to the plant. After the completion of second phase’s construction period, in May 2015 additional capacity was accepted temporarily and the plant started its operations with 38,1 MWm/28,94 MW capacity.
Our plant, with longer than 5 years of operation past, supports energy need in Hatay region and indirectly in the country.
Our plant is environmentally conscious and has no risk to natural life and it has played an effective role with its green energy production both in the awareness of local people and has become a facility creating employment to local people.