About Us

TEFIROM GROUP has never sacrificed from its right, serious, practical, quality and permanent service presentation that it has determined as a priority in its rising success graphic which it continued within the country and overseas for more than 30 years, and always aimed the summit in all of its activity areas.

As a result of the perfect rise and rapid development that it has attained especially during the past years, it aimed institutionalization and with this target, it is continuing its way with family warmth and team understanding and collaboration.

It has caught the right winds by never sacrificing human power and product range in its activities and by using creativity and team spirit at the highest level, and it is decisive to serve by constantly raising the level of this understanding for institutions and organizations which wish to receive service from it.

Within the success adventure of TEFIROM GROUP which started years ago, because of the gradually increasing work capacity and expanding service range, a necessity occurred to classify its activity fields today.

  • Construction – Contract – Infrastructure – Superstructure
  • Water, Waste Water Treatment, Distribution, Canalization, Network Services
  • Energy Projects (especially, wind-based renewable energy)
  • Foreign Trade
  • International Transportation – Logistics
  • Industrial Investments
  • Education

TEFIROM GROUP joins and uses its successful activities in these fields and modern technology with superior human power, continues them with the twelve companies within its body and five separate companies in the stage of establishment in various countries. TEFIROM GRUP companies have documented its production and service levels with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 International Quality Certificates and have proven their success with the awards they received during the past years:

  • ATO Most Export Award
  • 3rd Place Award in IMMIB Petrol Products Export
  • 38th Place among the first 1000 export companies in Turkey