Message of the Chairman

Sometimes, time remains way beyond our efforts. When we stopped for a minute within our work dynamic and looked behind, we saw that we left behind a long past longer than a quarter of century as a Group. We left the place of labor pains at company formation to crawling, and then walking and running and lived this with pride all together. We have advanced step by step by keeping our feet on the ground. We never resigned modesty.

However, we think that it is now time to share righteous pride of being in the upper ranks of numerous companies and exporters in a competition setting required by our age. The steps we took and success towards the summit is the most conspicuous indicator that we came a long way during the past quarter century… We knew from the very first day that the road was tough, and trading competition conditions were very relentless…During the days when our staff was limited and our activity fields were scanty, our courage, visionary perspective and placing the stones to the right squares that we aimed, paved the way for us. We have overcome the most difficult part of the job by drawing a solid road map. Our map directed us to leave permanent works.

We have determined long term net targets. We started the way to provide job opportunity to more people in a short time, to increase our investments and to value our resources the most efficient way, and reached today. Our group companies succeeded in prestigious large projects carried out both within the country and overseas. Our operation fields increased rapidly during the years. We managed to stand tall in many torments like Iraq Gulf crisis, Iraq Embargo and country crises in various economic stages. None of them prevented us to grow.

Although the effects of technology are indisputable but we are aware that we owe a considerable part of our success to not diminish the value we attach to human power. Our quality standards increased owing to the significance and value we give to human factor. This is, as a matter of fact, a victory of the notion of being “us”, a great tenacity and faith…I would like to express my gratitude to all members of Tefirom Family, who contribute their knowledge, experience and persevering works in the projects where our group succeeded up until today both within the country and abroad and the large scale projects of ours and industrial and energy investments that we added to our operation fields recently, I would like to repeat my belief in the successes we will run to together.


Tevfik ÖZ