Bakras Energy Electric Production and Trade Corp.

The power plant, whose construction was completed within 6 months following the transfer of the production license to Bakras Energy Electric Production and Trade Corp., which was established in Tefirom as a company specific to the project, opened for operation on 23.04.2010.

East Mediterranean regional depot and service hub of Vestas company used by preferring 3MW turbines in the wind plant are included within Senbuk RES business. There is an opportunity to intervene swiftly in any technical problem that could occur in the turbines.

Senbuk RES completed “Gold Standard” process on September 2011 and became ready to sell volunteer carbon certificates. Sera gas emissions, which are going to be diminished owing to our energy plant with 15 MW installed power, will equal to 25-30 thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Turbine Model Vestas V90-MK9
Turbine Power 3 MW
Turbine Number 5
Installed Power 15 MW
Rotor Diameter 90 m
Hub Height 80 m
Net Energy Production (GWh/year) 42.4

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