Project Application

SENBUK RES, Hatay Belen, Installed Power 15 MW

License application of our Senbuk RES project belonging to Bakras Energy Production Corp. of Tefirom Group companies whose production license was given by EPDK on 10.04.2008 was placed on 19.11.2002. In the application scope, draft settlement plan, the concerned maps and documents and annual measurement values were submitted to EPDK.

Tefirom Group started turbine delivery of 15 MW Senbuk RES, and turnkey construction and electric works on November 2009 with its experience in the construction and energy sector, and it has completed them in a 6 month-period, and opened the plant for operation. Tefirom Group has undertaken the following works in the scope of materialization of the power plant;

  • Wind turbine delivery
  • Project Management
  • Construction (turbine foundation, crane platforms, field roads, command building)
  • OG electric systems, cable laying and network connection
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Testing and Commissioning

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